Other Activities




ZeroHackathon is a contest of ideas from youngsters that offer solutions to challenging and current problems. The ideas start from scratch: that is what “Zero” stands for. The word “Hackathon” is a combination of the words “hack” and “marathon“: The event lasts 24 hours and it relies on exploratory programming. It is organized by MSOI/UNYA Italy a.k.a UNYA Albania’s good friend in cooperation with SIOI-UNA Italy and this edition took place in Rome from 2-4 of May.

My experience in ZeroHackathon was one of a kind. Sport Diplomacy surely was an interesting topic with lots of things to discuss. How to ease any conflict between states by using sport as a tool of promoting peace? Just by thinking how organizing or attending a high-level international sport event offers the possibility for heads of States and governments to meet and talk, gives a good answer to that question, and this is also where we focused our project ideas on.

Hackathon is not just a challenge. It is about finding the best ideas by using common language between the members of the groups we were assigned in, in a 24 hours constant work, and then presenting it in front of a professional international jury in the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation . Having met a lot of friends from all around the world, being chosen as the representative speaker of my group made this experience unforgettable! Even better, my friend Kelsiva was  part of one of the winning groups: MSOI granted her a scholarship for a winter school in Rome. Congrats to her and many thanks to MSOI for giving 2 participation fee waivers for UNYA Albania members!



Model European Union Strasbourg


Our Kristi took part in MEU Strasbourg 2018 (April 21st to 28th), which is without any doubt, the most realistic simulation of the European Union institutions. Huge credit for this status goes to the venue and its infrastructure (the premises of the European Parliament) with its chambers, interpreter’s booths and services, the electronic voting, but also to an incredibly passionate and international organizing team and the multitude of roles available at the conference (MEP, Minister of the Council of the EU, Journalist, Video Journalist, Lobbyist, Commissioner and Interpreter).

All of the above makes one adjust quickly to this setting and to one’s role, to the point that at the end of the week, debating every day at the European Parliament feels like completely normal. The presence of interpreting services for 14 European languages, giving thus the chance to every participant to speak in any of these languages, it’s a major plus.

Kristi was assigned the role of MEP from Austria, part of the ENF (Europe of Nations and Freedom) faction, a position diametrically opposed to his own beliefs. However, this challenge made the whole experience more interesting, dynamic and more real, as trying your best to represent euro-skeptic forces gives you a better grasp of how European politics work. Although he received many praises for his portrayal of the radical/ euro-skeptic right, he strongly affirms that this experience made him understand the EU and its complicated issues even better.

P.S: Kristi’s angry face in some of the pictures is due to the role he was assigned 😀 .



Model European Union Kyiv


Klajdi Kaziu, board member of UN Youth Association of Albania shares with us his impressions on this conference  which took place on March 27th to April 1st:

“Being my first international experience on the MEU world, the Model European Union Kyiv was one of a kind conference full of multiculturalism, political diversity, and opinion pluralism, where a true sense of how European decision-making processes can be fully acquired by the participants.

This simulation proved to sustain its high ranking expectations, as it managed to deliver a greatly qualitative organization embedding all elements of a real-time political realm consisting in tensed but constructive debating, the ongoing policy deliberation, long-lasting negotiations, and bargaining, as well as final voting and decision making.

At MEU Kyiv, 2018, I was able to engage in fruitful discussion with numerous like-minded Europeans, while establishing precious relationships that up until now have proven to further advance the cosmopolitan, liberal and above all, the European dimension of my personality. In such a framework, to all of you who would want to enjoy the best of what an international event may offer, I strongly recommend MUN/MEU conferences and obviously, the next edition of MUN Albania.”.