What is UNA Albania

United Nations Association Albania (“UNA Albania”) is a youth-led NGO dedicated to inform, inspire and mobilize Albanian youth and Albanian citizens, in general, to support and promote the values and activities of the United Nations.

It started as a project on October 2016, when a diverse group of young Albanians passionate about youth engagement and the works of the United Nations, decided to join their endeavors to create and foster a UN
youth community in their country. Hence, UNA Albania begun firstly as a UN Youth Association having as its main mission to bring young people closer to the UN and the UN closer to the youth.

Through projects such as seminars, webinars, workshops, conferences, publications and simulations of the international decision-making bodies, UNA Albania aims to promote the ideas of the UN, to spread the word about the Sustainable Development Goals while encouraging initiatives that contribute to the achievement thereof, and to serve as a tool for non-formal education of young people fostering the spirit of cooperation and volunteerism.

Starting from October 2018 UNAA will be officially a member of WFUNA, thus becoming more involved internationally and lending young Albanians a voice on the global stage.


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