Kristi Cina
Kristi Çina holds a Master’s Degree in Law from the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, Romania. His academic interests range from Law Studies to International Relations and Political Sciences. After spending 7 years abroad studying in four different Universities in 3 different languages, Kristi has recently come back to Albania where he hopes he can contribute to youth engagement and youth empowerment by sharing his knowledge and his experiences. Founding UNYA –Albania is the thing for which he is most proud of and grateful at the same time as it has helped him rediscover the Albanian society, its youth and the challenges and potential thereof towards its sustainable development. A Corporate Lawyer by day and UNA-A President by night, Kristi wishes to spread enthusiasm, UN values and ideas and help in training and enabling young Albanians to fulfill their potential and achieve youth empowerment. He is a firm believer in the energy and talent of young people and their role as change makers. Kristi shares also a passion for arts thanks to his sister Donika (an Albanian visual artist), while his biggest regret remains quitting violin lessons at the age of 10 due to a severe attack of laziness and a deep lack of talent.
Alba Brojka
Secretary General
Alba is quite lucky. Somehow her parents predicted that she will enter diplomacy when older, so they named her in a way that nobody could forget her during the intense first days socializing. Her international friends always remember her as ‘Alba from Albania’ or as recently ‘Alba from Albania in Alpbach’. She holds a law degree from the Faculty of Law in Tirana and political science BA from the University of New York in Tirana. And if you ever saw the terrible movie ‘In Bruges’, don’t count on it, Brugge is a lovely city. Alba can take us on a city tour there since she studied for her Master at the College of Europe in Brugge about International Relations and Diplomacy of the European Union. Though with a busy schedule from hiking in Albania, to attending Arabic language classes, Alba is motivated to contribute to energizing and building capacities of the youth. She is always willing to share her experiences and travel to new ones.
Kristina Anxhara
Vice President
Kristina Anxhara has earned a Second Level Master’s Degree in Civil Law from the University of Tirana and along with her degree she has expanded her professional experience in various fields. She is a proud member of the Vlach minority of Albania. Kristina is very focused on her carrier, while also being an active part of the Albanian civil society. She enjoys international educational experiences, advocating for minority rights, youth projects, languages, cycling, reading, cooking, gardening, training, movies, etc. So one can say she is good at multitasking. Recently she got in the 10m air riffle shooting Albanian National Team and represented Albania in the Mediterranean Games, Tarragona 2018. Kristina has valuable experience in human rights projects, especially minority rights and continues to give her contribution to this cause by moderating the news section broadcasted by the Albanian National Television in Vlach language.
Enedia Oshafi
Eni has a Master’s degree in Information Systems from the University of Tirana. She works as Resource Management Specialist, which is an interesting and uncommon position but which has certainly helped her improve her ability to multitask. She considers volunteering and advocating for different issues as elements that enrich and complement her experience as a human being while also making her a more responsible citizen of the world.She loves her friends and loves making them laugh, even at the cost of looking silly. Eni has been part of UNYAA for a couple of years now, and she enjoys sharing her experience and skills with the younger members holding nothing back, because she truly believes some of them will soon be shaping the future of the world and that is a rather important mission.
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