Coffee Talk 2.0


This time we dedicated our time and efforts to Youth, since we are part of it and we know the importance of offering a space where we can discuss what really concerns us. 

The Coffee Talk 2.0 was organized on 29 of July, in cooperation with UNICEF Albania.


Our participants from different cities in Albania, or those studying abroad, offered a wide range of perspectives on the key issues that need to be addressed regarding youth education in accordance with UNICEF Education Strategy 2019-2030. 


More than 20 young girls and boys contributed with their thoughts and experiences on the future of education. The participants were mostly interested in how the future will change, under dictation by the current crisis and what part will technology play in all this setup.


This episode of Coffee Talk was undoubtedly fruitful for those who participated, but those who didn’t, don’t need to worry. We aim to organize a set of events centred around/

young Albanians, gathering their perceptions and ideas on the present and future of the world as well as their recommendations and possible solutions to the challenges that the local and global community is facing.


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