Coffee Talk 2.1

The last Coffee Talk of the season was a huge success. With approximately 20 participants and the presence of UNFPA Director Representative for Albania, Dr Nigina Abaszdeh, the topic revolved on how important do Albanian youngsters consider their involvement in policy-making, do they feel empowered and how effective is the current institutional architecture in Albania?


We strongly believe that young people play a crucial role in addressing challenges in an interconnected world, such as peace, growing inequalities and impacts of climate change. To overcome these challenges, it is essential to empower young people and give them space and capacities needed to play an active role as contributors to a Sustainable Development Agenda. This is why we also pushed the discussion of the importance of improving the promotion of youth agency and their priorities for sustaining peace in the ambit of SDG 16 and the aspirations of the Western Balkans for EU accession.


Don’t worry if you missed out on the Coffee Talks of this season. We promise you there is more to come!