Coffee Talk 1.8.1

The discussion for the last of the Coffee Talks series was motivated by the impact of two back-to-back crises: the great economic and social disruption as a result of Covid-19 and the damage on the infrastructure caused by the recent earthquakes challenged the Albanian Economy. Joined by MS. Limya Eltayeb, the Resident Representative of UNDP in Albania, we discussed the challenges and the possibility of reshaping the economy into a greener and digital-prone one.

Participants from different backgrounds shared how they feel they are part of the solutions paving the road to recovery. The discussion was insightful and it served the purpose of engaging young people as key players in this process.

This was the eighth successful event of the series, organized in the ambit of the Decade of Action and the #UN75 Initiative. However, it is not the last one.

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