Coffee Talk 1.7

The ‘Coffee Talk’ project is a creative idea that intertwines a relaxing social ritual with intellectual conversation. UNYA Albania has organized six events in this framework so far, combining the promotion of the UN work, particularly the Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development, and the empowerment of youth. Next month, Coffee Talks series returns on the topic “Decade of Action”, a call for accelerating sustainable solutions to all the world’s biggest challenges — poverty, gender inequality, climate change, inequality, and the finance gap, hence the realization of Agenda 2030. The discussion will be conducted in two separate panels. One will elaborate on the interconnection between the goals through the example of the Apparel Industry with H.E. Elsa Håstad – Swedish Ambassador in Albania while the other will revolve around the UN75 dialogue. Mr Brian Williams, Resident Coordinator of UN Albania will be discussing the furtherance of this dialogue in our country and why youth participation is especially important. We are also welcoming two special youth representatives, the Incumbent Albanian Youth Delegate to the UN, Ilda Methasani and Stiven Shala on the panel of speakers. We want to be your voice and source of information on what the UN is doing around the world and in our country too!