Coffee Talk 1.4

The newest Coffee Talk series will again focus on youth activism, through discussing the Youth 2030 Strategy and the launch of Generation Unlimited this September at the UN General Assembly. More specifically, we will debate on the contribution of youth to the implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals through this Youth Strategy.

Our special guest for this edition will be András Volom, founder of the Hungarian Youth Delegate to the UN Programme and President of V4SDG. For this reason, this edition of Coffee Talks will be conducted in English.

The first subtopic to be discussed will be Priority 3 that promotes economic empowerment through decent work for youth, for the implementation of which inter-institutional cooperation at the national and regional level is most needed; the second subtopic will be Priority 4 of the Youth 2030 that promotes the rights of youth and their civic and political engagement, in line with more civic awareness and respect for human rights in our communities for and by the youth.

Around 15 selected joined us in our coffee time to discuss for 2 hours in front of a hot cup of coffee, by hopefully becoming more optimistic, changing their behavior to act more to shape their reality, and by promoting this example of productive coffee time within their friends.