UN DAY – Coffee Talks

UN DAY – Coffee Talks

The ‘Coffee Talk’ project is a creative idea that brings a relaxing social ritual closer to intellectual activity. This third session of the Coffee Talk Series will be dedicated to the UN Day which will focus on the role and participation of youth.

Having regard to the previous UN work about youth such as UNM SC 2015 – Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security (YPS), Resolution 2419 (2018) that Calls for Increasing Role of Youth in Negotiating, Implementing Peace Agreements and many UN GA resolutions on improving the conditions about youth, the UN Day Coffee Talk will thus contribute to discuss the implementation of such resolutions about youth and security in Albania.

The activity is thought to have an opening address by two keynote speakers setting the scene for the topic, followed by two roundtables where the youth audience is invited to bring their contribution through discussions.

The audience will be composed by the registered individuals who will also be able to join the roundtable discussions and the broader audience which might attend the activity (but is not registered) and is free to attend the whole activity including the roundtables but not contribute to the discussions. The roundtables had max 14 individuals contributing to the discussions.


Coffee Talks took take place at the Europe House on Wednesday, October 23d at 18:30.