MiniMUN Albania 3: A.I Puzzle, a milestone

MiniMUN Albania 3: AI Puzzle took place this May, the 10-13th. This edition was international: welcoming not only local participants but foreign friends too (find out where participants were from in the gallery below). The number of partakers was also higher in comparison to the second edition, another factor that contributed to this MiniMUN being more ambitious. The conference took place at the University of Good Counsel (diamond sponsor) for the second time in a row. UNYYA has to thank this university for being this welcoming and supportive of our initiatives.

How did organizers decided on the topic? Well as stated in The MiniMUN Exclusive interview (find the full interview on the blog), they look into some criterias first:

  • Is the topic current?
  • Does it generate much debate and/ or ignite interest?
  • Is it broad and leaves room for various interpretations?
  • Is it innovative?
  • How can it be explored from different viewpoints?

Artificial Intelligence, which has recently gained momentum, definitely meets these criterias.

For more interesting stats and facts about this edition of MiniMUN, check out the gallery below: