EUNYA Meeting

This December, MSOI-UNYA Italy (host and co-organizer) together with VVN Youth-UNYA Flanders-Belgium and WFUNA, organized the European United Nations Youth Associations Meeting (“EUNYA Meeting”). The event took place in Rome on 13-16 December and gathered representatives from various UNYAs from Europe, with the aim to discuss how to enhance and ensure ongoing cooperation and how to consolidate and expand our network throughout the broader European region. UNYA Albania was represented by our President, who shared with his European colleagues the story of beginnings and aspirations of our “baby” association as well as the challenges and opportunities that UNYA Albania faces every day.


EUNYA Meeting’s program was evenly divided between workshops and visits to the UN institutions in the city and meetings between attendees to explore cooperation possibilities. It kicked off with the Welcome Remarks of Franco Frattini – President of SIOI-UNA Italy, Diego Cimino – Diplomat and Aziel Philippos Goulandris – Representative of WFUNA, at SIOI headquarters situated in the prestigious Palazzetto di Venezia (a building which has hosted important historical meetings). It continued with a visit to FAO headquarters, where we attended a presentation on FAO’s work in achieving the SDGs with a special focus on SDG no. 2, Zero Hunger.


The other sessions provided the attendees with the chance to present each own structure, goals and national events, as well as perform a SWOT analysis of our organizations. These sessions were aimed at identifying common challenges and solutions, share best practices and also understand the peculiarities of each organization. The discussions resulted in a written report with concrete steps and plan to be implemented in the weeks to come.


Overall, EUNYA Meeting was a success and for us, at UNYA Albania it was both an honor and responsibility to be part of this new European “movement” which seeks to foster a strong and sustainable collaboration of European UNYAs. We come back with renewed energies and optimism to continue the good work that has been done in the last year, and to continue this incredible national and international growth of UNYA Albania. The next meeting will be held at the UN offices in Geneva, but we are looking forward to participating in various events hosted by our international friends and to host some international events of our own.