First Date UNYAA 2017


by Kristina Anxhara


Around one year ago, we started as a bunch of youngsters who shared the dream of making change happen and with a clear vision of the path we had to follow. We had a great year, filled with so much work and laughter, but most importantly, in the end, we had the conviction that UNYAA had become a better and stronger community.  It was time to expand!

“First Date UNYAA” was the main event of our recruiting campaign, thus so much love and effort were put into organizing it. Every application was carefully reviewed and everyone was looking forward to meeting all those motivated young people.

Call us “old fashioned”, but we like a proper welcome, and that is our definition of it.

Some hours later…all the participants got all the information they needed on UNYAA, knew each-other on a more personal level, gained some basic project-writing skills and had a lot of fun.

We want to thank the ‘oldies’, for making this event happen. Thank you for your emotions and excitement, which is more important than perfection. It was very important for us to see relations being built on these emotions, after all, we are all entering each-others life, standing up for the same values and believing the same dream.

And last, but not least, we want to welcome once again the new members! As a new family, once you stay around, we will positively influence your life quality and vice – versa.