Social Events

Social Events Note

by Gisejxh Mehmeti

On the 14th of May some of UNYA Albania members visited the National Museum and the National Gallery of Arts, which were hosting “Mediterranea 18”, the biennale of arts for young artists. We started with the gallery of arts, which got lively with people as soon as our group got in. We navigated through photos, videos and installations until we exhausted all our senses and thoughts. It’s never late to learn something new and to start chewing art! The group then proceeded to the Museum where we saw a video-art related to the realities of self-proclaimed countries such as Northern Cyprus, Abkhazia and Karabakh, and an installation of a “house” whose physical existence depended on its popularity on social networks. Needless to say, everybody enjoyed acting like an art critic and Francesco Bonami’s “I could have done it too” came to mind 😛

Last Saturday, our group decided to organize a social activity at the National Park of Tirana (a picnic to be precise). From time to time our members need to relieve the stress of the hectic days with some good laughs and socializing between each other. The day started with everyone being late (it has become a trend which should be seriously addressed 😀 ), but also ended up by being great. Firstly we got cozy somewhere in the park where was quiet and animated by the sound of birds. We played the game called “Mafia”.  The citizens won the first round but then the Mafia got their sweet revenge helped by some citizen’s vanity (any reference to Eni is purely unintended). After some rest and some picnicking we started to play volleyball with other youngsters for several hours till we got tired. Afroviti was the real MVP, a true mixture of Gandalf’s “you shall not pass” and volleyball anime ).

Time passes quickly when you are having fun!