UN Day

The United Nations Youth Association of Albania chose October the 24th, UN Day to organize its first event. To celebrate this historical day, the conference entitled ‘Transforming our World through the Sustainable Development Goals” focused on a general presentation of the Agenda 2030.  We are the largest youth generation that has ever lived. Around 50% of the population is below 30 years old thus no challenge can be faced and no problem can be solved without the active involvement of young people. The first step towards youth engagement is the spreading of knowledge and information. A panel of three experts from the fields of international relations, journalism, and civil society discussed the SDGs in the global and national context. About 30 young people were introduced to these goals, their importance and possible ways in which they can help to achieve the SDGs by 2030. The participants learned about the official smartphone application “SDGs in Action” through which everyone can be informed, initiate or join actions in this regard. The conference ended with 4 video messages by young people from different countries who invited young Albanians to join them as part of the UN Youth community.


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