Reflections on the conference “Rolling Back Climate Change”

By Erisa Hazisllari


The first step of any conference is to inform and then discuss sensitive issues which lead to concrete proposals to be implemented later in practice. This was the main purpose of the Conference “Rolling Back Climate Change”,  to inform on the latest news about the measures taken in connection with the issue of climate change and to shed light on these measures implemented in Albania in order to raise as much awareness about the role of youth in this field. The event comes as a continuation of a series of issues which lie within the Global Goals on Sustainable Development, and respectively nr.13, entitled “Actions to Combat Climate Change” but also number 14, “Life under water”.


The selection of the panel of speakers was made in such a way to provide a ‘biodiversity’ of opinions not only in terms of the data they brought but also in confronting different ideas and approaches on the issue. This was noted at the end of the conference during the Q&A session. During this session, there were also some confrontations and disagreements among the experts, obviously on finding the better solution for the addressed issue.


An important part of this conference was the feedback of the participants, for each participant in the conference received an e-mail with questions about the event. Based on the feedback responses we can affirm that the conference achieved its main goal of informing, as most of the respondents had minimal to average knowledge about climate change.  69.2% of the participants, who filled in the feedback form, had no prior information on the Third National Communication of the Republic of Albania on Climate Change. According to them, the conference had a qualitative content; they were pleased with the event and expressed their desire to participate in more activities that focus on this topic.


Based on the positive feedback, the conference is just a step towards raising the awareness among young people on issues such as global warming, climate change and the consequences they bring to our planet’s ecosystem. To conclude I quote a statement made by Mr. Francois Hollande, President of France: ” Our greatest challenge is to move on from a globalization based on competition to a model based on cooperation, where protection will be more viable than destruction. We need to think of our planet as a single space, establishing a pact of fairness between the North and South and a partnership between mankind and nature.”