Rolling Back Climate Change

United Nations Youth Association of Albania started the year 2017 with this important conference focused on goal nr. 13 – Actions to Combat Climate Change. During the conference we talked about climate change, the Paris Agreement, the Third National Communication on Climate Change and the role of civil society organizations in this field. The importance of this conference lies in the need to prioritize climate education as the first step which allows the active involvement of young people to cope with this challenge so fundamental for the entire planet.


The conference was divided into three segments. During the first part, Mrs. Mirela Kamberi (representative of UNDP in Albania) spoke about the measures taken over the years to fight climate change, the role of the Paris Agreements and most importantly, the Third National Communication of the Republic of Albania on climate change ( as one of the authors of the document).  In the second segment, Ms. Shqarri (International Law expert), explained the legal nature of international environmental agreements in general, and the legal framework of the Paris Agreement analyzing possible loopholes and weaknesses. The third speaker came from the civil society. Mr. Olsi Nika is a bio-activist working for EcoAlbania. Mr. Nika explained us the difference between renewable energy and clean energy. By presenting concrete examples on the state of rivers in Albania, he showed how the destruction of nature for the sake of producing renewable but unclean energy turns into a contributing factor in climate change.

Many questions were asked at the end of the conference, which shows the large interest that young Albanians have on this topic.


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