Human Rights 101

Human Rights 101 is an annual event organized as a series of lectures which take place in different  Albanian High Schools in different cities on the topic of Human Rights. The lectures take the form of conversations and aim to stimulate the curiosity and raise awareness among young students about the history, significance and the protection of human rights. The event has two stages. In stage one, those members of UN Youth Albania with consolidated knowledge of the subject, prepare the lectures and pass their knowledge to other members who want to participate in this projects, thus forming small groups.  In stage two, each group gives a presentation at a particular high school.


For the year 2016, six separate lectures at four different high schools in two cities took place during the period 1-12 December. The chosen venues were the high schools “Çeli Drita” and “Dituria” in the city of Lushnje, and the high schools “Preca College” and “Faik Konica” in Korçë. The interactive lectures reached an audience of 150 pupils, who through question but also games learned more on this topic.


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