Book Feast

With the joy of the winter holidays in our hearts and the SDGs in our mind, The United Nations Youth Association of Albania organized an event that combined the giving spirit of the season with goal nr.4 Quality Education. Book Feast started as a campaign for donating new and used books for children between six and sixteen years old.  A list of recommended titles was carefully drafted by our members. The destination for the small “library” was the Orphanage of the city of Shkodra. Empty boxes with the poster of the event were put at E Per7shmeHemingway Bar AlbaniaFriend’s Book House and several high schools.

After 3 extensive weeks of the campaign, we were delighted to discover that we had collected 219 books. Orphans have one of the highest high school drop-out rates in the country. By donating books and talking to the children about the magic and power that lies in them, we aimed at encouraging this fragile category of the society to pursue education as a path that leads to a better future. The activity of reading and the accumulation of knowledge should be two processes that do not stop when school ends.  Promoting lifelong learning is a duty of every responsible citizen and the best way to achieve this is by fostering the love for books and knowledge. Book Feast inspired Hemingway Fun Club Albania and Cabej Publishing House to continue the campaign of donations even after our project had ended by including it in their book fair. We hope that our visit brought joy to the children and we hope that we managed to give to them not only another reason to not drop out but also one to rethink their present and their future.



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